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Letting go

Photo by Rafael Avcioglu

The cycle of life is one of giving and taking. Just as we hold on, we must also let go. We cannot hoard all the goods and never give any back…it would disrupt the flow of the system. The same is true for ourselves in a physical and metaphorical way. It is essential to release. That is why screaming and crying and laughing feel so good. The pent up energy is set free!

Letting go is essential. It allows us to live a lighter existence.

I always go back to the body, because it seems to have all the answers. The body reveals truth on a consistent basis. It does not lie through its relationship to gravity and space. Whatever the body does, it has a clear, tangible pathway that is observable to the human eye. It works through a series of opposite or complimentary forces. This is the yin/yang in eastern medicine. This equal and opposite existence is what keeps us in balance. One is not good or bad or better than the other. We need both. Contrast is key, or else life would all be one shade.

The body can contract and the body can expand. The body holds on to waste and the body releases waste. Referencing digestion may be explicit, but it’s the simple truth. I’m grateful that the body is so self-sustaining. It is wise, and we must let it operate as it should. We would have a lot of disease and physical disturbances if we never let go of the waste and bi-products of the food we consumed. If it no longer serves us, it must be released and leave.

Photo by Rafael Avcioglu

Sometimes, there is a build-up of information or “waste” if we refuse to let it go. We take in a lot of stimuli, and if we don’t take the time to de-clutter, process it, or remove it from ourselves, we may feel overwhelmed and taxed. I know I shut down when I feel that my system is on overload. Everything becomes numb, dull, and monotone in this catatonic state. This is not an ideal place to be, but it’s a response to being overwhelmed.

Photo by Rafael Avcioglu

When I feel stuck, sometimes I will cocoon myself in an effort to protect myself from the madness of the outside world. However, in the end, this does not serve me, because it encloses the system of my being. There is no exchange from the inside to the outside. It may be uncomfortable, but I am focusing on embracing the contrast.

We want to access a range of emotions and feelings. It is ideal to have access to all of the sensations that the body can experience. We cannot pick and choose the ones we want and discard the others, I am finding. Some of them may not be pleasant, but through our openness to them all, we become more colorful and available for whatever is to come. Availability for movement and availability for shifts keep us in an advantageous place. We can adapt to shifting circumstances. Change is the only constant, and it is inevitable, so that is important. Embrace the contrast!

We all have a unique perspective to offer the world. No one is living in our shoes and experiencing our exact existence. So, it is our responsibility to fully own our life and live it to the fullest. We can share our one and only vantage point and not judge it. Just let it out. Authentic expression and movement is cathartic. It is therapeutic. Whatever medium we choose is up to us. I often choose dance, but I also experiment with my voice through singing and speaking exercises. Let it go! Let it come through. It feels so good. That’s the J.O.L….joy of life!

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