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Everything you do...Imbue it with love

Imbue it with Love

Make it interesting for yourself.

Whatever you do, do it fully and whole-heartedly.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Too often, we dread the “next thing,” whatever it may be. Instead, we can look forward to something about the task at hand or next to-do. Make a game out of it.

Life is too short. Why not enjoy it?

I don’t think it’s a false sense of reality to pick out the positives, although some may say I walk around with rose-colored glasses. Do you see the silver lining or the storm cloud?

Hopefully, we see it all. Be perceptive and gauge your entire surroundings.

We are a whole canvas of colors, if we let ourselves be. Often, we get stuck in one area or another…perhaps we linger in the muted tones or live our day-to-day in the middle - commonplace, medium shades. Or it’s possible that we consider ourselves to be extremists and choose to only paint with loud, striking colors or invisible ones.

Whatever the situation, we can all benefit from expanding our palate to include all of the colors on the spectrum. Explore what it’s like to use a new hue. Nothing is really permanent, so why not try it on? This creative time helps us discover more about ourselves, anyway. We become more versatile and have more potential. We learn and experience surprises.

It also helps to clarify why we enjoy certain things more than others. Learning about ourselves is a lifelong process, but it is essential to realizing our highest potential.

What are we waiting for?

I aim to challenge my personal “norms” & go-to's.

This may sound fun to some and scary to others, depending on our personalities.

It is liberating, because it means we GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION TO PLAY!

Who doesn’t want a play date?

Now frolic around and see what kind of mischief you can get into next!

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