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Body and Mind

 I found Yoga at the age of 11 & began practicing as a way to find balance in a judgment-free zone.

To this day, I am honored to share the transformative power of movement to connect people to their bodies through structured techniques & a light-hearted approach. I hope to inspire others to become a better version of themselves. I have taught wellness classes online and across the country including:


World Trade Center's Wellness Wednesdays with Sputnik Yoga & Lifeway Kefir. NYC.

 Immersive Yoga at the Van Gogh Exhibit. New York, NY.

Resist & Roll at SCW Boston, MA.

Yoga at Brooklyn Basin with Unite by Yoga. Oakland, CA.

Mindful Movement & Meditation at Yoga Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

Sunset Bonfire Yoga. San Diego, CA

Mindful Movement & Meditation with Live Music at Love Drum. Astoria, NY.

UBY Teaching Oakland.jpg

Teaching at Brooklyn Basin in Oakland, CA with Unite By Yoga.

If you would like to arrange a private or group session please reach out. Remote or in-person options available. 

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Guided Meditations




"Not only is Nika very personable and positive, she is also a great teacher. Her strong background in dance has made her very strong and supple. She takes care to talk you through the exercises and offers modifications if needed."
- Carla A., Kundalini Meditation Instructor 

“You have incredible talent and appreciate you sharing it so graciously with our SCW family!” - Sarah Kooperman, SCW Fitness 

"Nika’s stretch and reset class is a wonderful blend of movement and stretching that will work out the kinks, get you flowing and leave you feeling more open and alive." - David M., Heller work Practitioner 

"The stretch and reset class journeyed through various postures that helped me to feel better. Concluding with a mindful meditation, the 45 minutes passed quickly and allowed me to get a great night's sleep!" - José B., Loan Officer 



Booking Inquiries

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I am grateful to have shared wellness offerings with:
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