Nika Antuanette

Dancer. Teacher. Model

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Robert Altman Photography

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Nika Antuanette

Hi, I'm a Dancer, Teacher, & Wellness Enthusiast!

I have performed with several companies across NYC, the US, and the world.


In addition to choreographing and performing in music videos, dance films, and immersive experiences, I also love teaching.  I share dance, yoga, and meditation practices, all incorporating wellness techniques.


Let's tap into the body's wisdom, stay curious, and keep inspiring one another to be the best version of ourselves.

Photo By Ricky G



A Dance Film Q&A

Instagram: @nika.antuanette

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Yin Yoga & Kundalini Meditation Class Fl






Mindfulness practices

SAVAGE QUEEN. A Dance Film inspired by Lewis Carroll's Text and Character, The Red Queen. 


Featured in the Dance Shorts Film Festival  in Queens, and The Versatility Dance Festival in Santa Monica, CA.

Nika danced and shared her love of music in this festive and fun campaign for Segura Viudas Sparkling Wine.

Adult Food

Blended Fresh Nutrition on The GO.


"Nika was in total command of her character. We see an almost manic side to her, appropriate for her role, as she whips across the stage. She executes her dance material - ripe with turns, slashing arm movements, and hand gestures that look like painting or writing - with a power so large it causes a reverberation in her classmates, who flee and literally duck for cover."

                                                 - Dance Enthusiast

Photo by Russell Haydn

Nika performing in Alison Cook Beatty's piece "The Accused."

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Self Love in the Trees by Robert Altman
I'm always interested in collaboration opportunities.
Or Just say hi :)

Photo By Robert Altman

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